What this series of seminars offers to you?

  • A high degree of knowledge and a structured series of seminars. Following this series of courses, you will be able to successfully carry out the treatment of your orthodontic cases in your own practice.
  • After the 2nd Module, you may and should immediately begin with the orthodontic-treatment of your patients since we accompany your cases by intensive coaching up to the successful completion of the therapy. Your own cases are analysed and planned jointly in the course of the seminar. The knowledge gained in the seminar is applied directly with regard to the problem of the individual case. This knowledge will immediately be put into practice for every participant. In this way, you are able to treat even the most difficult orthodontic cases in your own practice.
  • The various bracket systems are discussed in the series of courses. However, no specific bracket company is recommended to you. After the seminars, you will be able to achieve excellent results with all of these systems.
  • You will discover whether or not so-called ‚lighter forces‘ are a myth or reality.
  • You will discover whether or not it is sensible to treat true surgical cases without surgery.
  • You will discover whether or not it is sensible to avoid extracting in true extraction cases.
  • We will show you why we no longer use any miniscrews for anchorage.
  • You will receive a reply to the question of whether a ‚promise of too short treatment times‘ is sensible and you will be given 5 reasons why you should not do this.
  • We reveal to you our entire experience and all of our expertise gained from our long-term orthodontic activities, not only in technical fields, but also with regard to the practice, team and patient management.
  • We present our successes as well as our failures to you, and explain to you precisely how to avoid making these mistakes in your practice.
  • You will receive a specific material list and list of instruments which are required for an orthodontic practice. Hereby, superfluous material and instruments will become unnecessary.
  • You will learn how to reduce the laboratory costs in your practice to a minimum.
  • We guarantee efficient, exciting and active seminars with a maximum growth of knowledge. You will discover that learning orthodontics can be fun. Even after the seminars, we don’t leave you on your own. Extra modules for case discussions are offered regularly afterwards.
  • We will show you how to acquire new patients without pressure and without advertisement.
  • In the Extra module ‚Practice and team management‘ we show you, in spite of a large patient turnover, how to create a relaxed, humorous atmosphere in your practice and how to achieve a maximal motivation of your staff.
  • CS Orthodontics
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