• Common Sense
    Seminar Series in Orthodontics
    Dear Robert,
    thank you for the amazing weekend seminar! Finally I found a seminar during
    which everything was explained in a comprehendible and practice oriented manner.
    I am already looking forward to the next module in May.
    In the meantime I will try to implement everything that I have learned.
    Dr. Luise Kudrnac
    Dentist and Orthodontist, Vienna/Austria
  • Common Sense
    Seminar Series in Orthodontics
    Dear Robert,
    you are able to teach orthodontics to dentists in a clear and comprehendible manner.
    Your seminar is fun, interactive, includes everything that an orthodontist
    needs and avoids what is not needed. Every dentist is able to learn good orthodontics!
    Dr. Christoph Hoberg, MSc.
    Dentist and Orthodontist, Kidsdocs, Berlin - Germany
  • Common Sense
    Seminar Series in Orthodontics
    Dear Robert, I have to compliment you on your amazing seminar. The course
    was outstanding and enriching both professionally and personally!
    Dr. Inge Rak
    Dental Surgeon Rohrbach, Upper Austria
  • Common Sense
    Seminar Series in Orthodontics
    Dear Robert,
    thank you for giving me the opportunity to stop by your practice any time,
    to be able to watch you and your Team while working and to understand
    the workflow. This is another great enrichment for your course attendees
    – up-close and honest.
    Dr. Florian Wruhs
    Dentist and Orthodontist, Vienna Austria
  • Common Sense
    Seminar Series in Orthodontics
    Hi Robert,
    what I really like about your seminar is, that you really care about
    each and everyone of us and that you make sure, that everyone progresses
    and improves his knowledge and skills. I am very happy to have chosen
    your seminar series!
    Dr. Thomas Schindler
    Dentist and Orthodontist
  • Common Sense
    Seminar Series in Orthodontics
    Dear Robert!
    Your seminar series are great! As a specialist in orthodontics with more than
    10 years of experience, I still learn a lot. Every colleague, who is interested
    in orthodontics, I suggest to attending your course.
    Dr. Zsigmond Hanzely
  • Common Sense
    Seminar Series in Orthodontics
    Mirko Bušić
    Dear Robert,
    In more than 44 years of practice, I attented a lot of seminars. CS Orthoseminars
    has been the only series, offering knowledge, which is possible to be used
    immediately in the dental office, for the benefit of our patients.
    Theses ortho series are a lot of fun!
    Dr. Mirko Bušić
    Pula, Croatia

Course content

We offer a seminar series of 9 modules for beginners and advanced practitioners in which practical knowledge is used. Logic and common sense are a prerequisite and are extensively trained for the successful treatment of your orthodontic cases.

Seminar Schedule

The seminar series with Modules 1-9 builds up continuously starting with Module 1. Individual modules can be booked separately after consulting with the seminar instructor. Participation in individual modules is possible as long as places are still available.


Registration for the entire seminar series or for individual seminars can be made via Internet. If the registration has been made and the course fee has been paid, an individual place in the course is ensured.

Seminar Folder

Download and have a look at the seminar folder. It gives you all the necessary and relevant information about this seminar series in one document.

Sample Cases

Download and have look at our sample cases. They give you some insights into our experience, achievements and expertise.

Our team

Dr. Robert Scherngell, Msc.
Dr. Robert Scherngell, Msc

Seminar Instructor

Sanford L. Ratner, Dds

Guest speaker

Heidi Scherngell


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